At the age of 17, a young man met a Greek jeweler who helped him tell tales of time through an onyx and diamond watch, and its design was the beginning of his many creations. Coming from a family who’s heritage is rooted in gold trade, Abdulaziz AlKhudairi grew up around precious materials, and their fascination never left him. Instead, he experimented around them, eventually crafting a talented jeweler out of himself after years of sketching designs and seeing them come to life. It was not until the early nineties where he established his jewelry house. 

Since then, AlKhudairi Jewelry has grown into an internationally acclaimed house, specializing in 100% natural precious stones, and strictly handmade pieces. With the vision of a master designer and only the purest gems, the creations are always limited, and very often, one-of-a-kind—just like the women they are made for.